District 13 of Medellín. The Drama of an Armed Conflict

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Autor: Yoni Alexander Rendón R.
Published in June 2016
ISBN: 978-958-46-8996-2
Size: 14 x 21,5 cm, 196 pp.

Versión en español/Spanish version

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This book is based on the human drama experience by thousands of people who have been forever marked by the armed conflict in Comuna 13, which is a district of Medellín city, Colombia.

It is a revealing testimony of the largest armed confrontation that has ever taken place within the second most important city of the country, which involved all legal and illegal armed groups of that time, and of which the civilian population was the main victim.

Comuna 13 of Medellín is a district which is mostly inhabited by humble people with low income, who strive each day to meet their basic needs and to move ahead, even in the most precarious and unfavorable conditions. These are people who were innocently trapped in the miiddle of the conflict between the armed groups and became victims of different violent acts.

This book is a tribute to the innocent victims, to those people who have suffered so much, and who were directly or indirectly exposed to such a traumatic existence. Also, to tose who were innocent victims of the bullets in the armed conflict, which extinguished hundreds of lives.


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